Find your farm-fresh fix

Staff photo by Clay Schuldt Jacob Todd (left) and Sam Guldan with Guldan Farm serve customers at the farm’s stall.

NEW ULM — If you need rhubarb, cucumbers, radishes, jams, salsa, herbs or even smear kuchen, someone is likely selling it at the KNUJ-sponsored Farmers’ Market.

This year the summer Farmers’ Market is located in the Cash Wise parking lot. The market is open 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Thursday and 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday.

This is the second week the market has been open. It opened for the season on June 14. June 23 is the first Saturday of the season it will be open.

Many of the vendors in the market regularly attend. Juan Cervantes and Dalia Flores have sold fresh produce and salsas at the market for the last decade. At this point in the season their rhubarb is selling well.

This year the produce vendors have struggled somewhat with the excessive rain.

Sam Guldan with Guldan Farm said nothing was enjoying the rain, but the radishes were doing well. Guldan Farm also sells a variety of preserves. Strawberry jam is the go-to jam, but ground cherry is also popular.

The Platz Family booth has been coming to market for the last 16 years. Alongside the produce they sell baked good. The molasses cookies are extremely popular.

Jolene Platz said they were always on the verge of running out of molasses cookies.

Their other specialty was smear kuchen, which is sometimes called German coffee cake. Platz said it always sells well in New Ulm because “the Germans love that smear kuchen.”

The next Farmers’ Market event is this Saturday. Which vendors will attend the market is unknown until it opens, but it is worth a look. Each day brings new items and new deals.