New Ulm man admits to over-celebrating Vikings game

NEW ULM — A 25-year-old New Ulm man who admitted to becoming drunk celebrating the Minnesota Vikings game Jan. 14 faces seven counts, including two felony burglary counts, in Brown County District Court.

Tyler J. Rowley, 102 N. Payne St., was charged with felony first and second-degree burglary, gross misdemeanor for disrupting a 911 call, a third-degree DWI, refusing to submit to a chemical test, a misdemeanor fourth-degree DWI, disorderly conduct and fourth-degree damage to property, Jan. 18.

Judge Robert Docherty set Rowley’s unconditional bail at $15,000 and bail with conditions at $2,500. Conditions include no alcohol possession, no direct or indirect contact with an alleged victim, a 10 p.m. curfew unless he’s at work and Project Nighthawk electronic home alcohol monitoring.

A Rule 8 hearing was waived. An omnibus hearing was set for 8:30 a.m. Feb. 13.

According to court documents, New Ulm Police were notified of a burglary/possible domestic situation at 509 1/2 Center St. at 8:33 p.m. Jan. 14. Police and Brown County Sheriff’s Office deputies were advised that Rowley damaged an apartment and left.

At the residence, two alleged victims met officers and two very young children were playing in another room. Victims said the door was forced open, damaging the door frame. Pieces of wood were found on the floor. Officers were told Rowley forced the door open, then fell on the floor after it came open.

Two alleged victims told officers Rowley came to their door and they could tell he was drunk or “messed up,” and demanded to know where “Devin” was and that he had a beef with him. The alleged victims said another man was with Rowley but they didn’t know who he was. They described him as white, wearing a red hood and a hat with white lettering. The man tried to grab Rowley and get him out of the apartment but Rowley refused.

The alleged victims said they didn’t know who “Devin” was but Rowley didn’t believe them. One victim said he went to get a sword he has to try to scare Rowley. The other victim, a woman, tried to call 911 and was up against a refrigerator. She said Rowley tried to grab her phone to prevent her calling for help.

The first alleged victim said he came out with the sword, got Rowley to leave the apartment and followed him down a hallway before Rowley left.

Officers went to Rowley’s residence and found him “greatly intoxicated” with multiple intoxication clues including difficulty standing.

Rowley told officers he was so drunk he couldn’t remember what happened that night and said he drank at Rodney’s Bar, celebrating the Vikings game. Rowley said he wasn’t sure what he did or where he was that night, but denied kicking or forcing his way into an apartment.

Rowley did not remember trying to grab a woman’s phone but indicated he knew she was probably calling 911 for help.

He provided a digital preliminary breath test (PBT) that read .216. He was arrested and taken to the Law Enforcement Center (LEC) to be processed for DWI. Rowley refused to take a breath test at the LEC.

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