Gladiolus Society delighted to return to Brown County Fair

NEW ULM-The Minnesota Gladiolus Society celebrated another successful showing at the Brown County Fair. On Sunday morning the society members erected a Court of Honor for the top entries in the 2016 show.

North American Gladiolus Council member, Burt Scripture, estimated 400 individual gladiolus spikes and 100 arrangements from 30 members were entered in this year’s show.

The top prize for a single spike plant went to a variety of gladiolus called “Parade”. Scripture said the parade breed was one of the older varieties. Many of the spikes entered in this year’s exhibit were newer varieties.

Each year the society allows the public to vote on their favorite gladiolus spike. This year the public voted for a red-white gladiolus spike named “Candy Cane”. The spike was put on display next to the other award winners.

Lew Wallace of Middle River, Minnesota took the top prize for his themed arrangement. This year’s theme was based on types of games people play. Wallace interpretive arrangement was based on the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. His arrangement was designed to combine a medieval look with a sense of mystery. The flowers spikes were oriented to suggest serpentine dragons.

Wallace describes his arrangement as perishable art. After the exhibit the arrangement will be broken down with the individual spikes sent to a nursing home.

“You’ll never see these plant arrangements again,” Wallace said.

The Minnesota Gladiolus Society has been in operation since 1929 and includes members from all across the State and even parts of Iowa. The Civic Center has the honor of being one of the only fairs to feature the exhibit every year. As the fairgrounds are adjacent to the Civic Center, the society is able to make use of the air condition building to keep the flowers from wilting. The society has been visiting the Brown County Fair for nearly decade and continues to be a popular draw.

Scripture and the other members said they are more than willing to return to the Brown County Fair every year as the community has served as great hosts.