Brown County Fair 4-H Competition Results

BROWN COUNTY — The University of Minnesota Extension office provided 2021 Brown County Fair results.

They include:

Cloverbud beef livestock: multi-color ribbons Makenly Drake, Comfrey Comets; Aiden Schroeder, Milford; Raymond Schwab, Milford.

Cloverbud meat goat: Nora Bailey, Milford; Nathan Kucera, Coraline Mathiowetz, Trewitt Bernardy, all Golden Rose Riders; Avery Steffl.

Cloverbud horse western pleasure: Mathiowetz, Steffl. Showmanship: Mathiowetz, Steffl.

Cloverbud poultry: Madelynn Mangen, SE Wide Awakes; Jakob Gill, Burnstown/Brookville; Nora Bailey, Amos Beranek, Milford.

Cloverbud sheep: Coney, Devon Carstensen, Milford; Gill, Emmett Resch, Milford. Swine: Cade Billmeier.

Cloverbud clothes you make: Elizabeth Fischer, Milford. Fashion Revue: Fischer. Demonstration, Devon Carstensen, Mangen, Carter Dauer, Nora Bailey, Britta Schmidt, Milford; Bryce Fischer, Stark; Oliver Nelson, Milford.

Cloverbud food review: Carter Dauer, Martin Mages. General static project: Conley Carstensen (2); Leonard Seidl, Stark; Mangen (3); Raymond Schwab, Milford; Gill (2); Nathan Kucera, Dauer (3); Kylie Fischer, SE; Presley Pierson, Stark (4); Mathiowetz, Landon Frederickson, Milford (4); Mathiowetz (2); Aiden Schroeder, Jaxson Rustman, Elizabeth Fischer (6); Martin Mages, SE; Bryce Fischer.

Cloverbud other sewn item (non-garment): Dauer, Izabella Lang. Pet show Drake, Mangen, Frederickson, Nelson, Mathiowetz, Rustman.

Club projects, poster, community pride, scrapbook Golden Rose Riders (blue).

All classes corn: Bryant Karstens, Alex Schroeder, Milford; Adam, Grace Mages, SE; (all blue); Anna Mages, SE (red). Soybeans blue: Karstens, Adam, Grace Mages. Red Anna Mages.

Child & family development blue: Millie Lax, Golden Rose Riders; Aubree Schmidt, Milford; Anna Mages, SE. Citizenship blue: Hunter Dauer, Milford.

Clothes you buy champion: Kate Windschitl SE; Holly Sellner Stark; reserve champion Cindy Jensen (Comfrey), Ellen Windschitl (SE). Zoe Evers, Comfrey. Clothing and textiles Champion Helen Fischer, Milford; Blue ribbon Gracie Sellner, Gracie Sellner, Stark, blue ribbon. Clothes you make striped skirt, Champion Rachel Portner, Leavenworth Lucky Clovers; red Zoe Evers, Comfrey; sewn shorts champion Helen Fischer, Milford; reserve champion Teresa Fischer, Milford.

Fashion revue clothes you buy champions dress Katie Windschitl, SE; red dress Holly Sellner, Stark; dressy outfit Helen Fischer, Milford. Reserve champions Cindy Jensen, Comfrey; Gracie Sellner.

Clothes you make: Champions Teresa, Helen Fischer; reserve champion Evers.

Other sewn item champion Alex Schroeder, Big Ideas. Reserve champion Addison Lang.

Computer calendar champion Adam Mages, SE.

Consumer education champions Nolan Gag, Leavenworth; Millie Lax.

Crafts champion Nolan Gag, Jared Portner, Leavenworth; Helen Fischer. Reserve champions Dustin, Rachel Portner, Leavenworth; Alex Schroeder, Milford.

Demonstration champ. Teresa Fischer. Res. champ. Grace Mages.

Dog educational exhibit champion Ellen Windschitl, SE. Bryant Karstens.

Exploring the environment champ. Hunter Dauer, Milford.

Fine arts champs Megan Jensen; Kate Schmidt, Milford; Maximilian Fischer, Milford. Res. champs Helen, Teresa Fischer; Carsten Nienhaus.

Food, nutrition champs Zoe Evers, Allison Jensen, Levi Bailey. Res. champs Kallie, Kaden, Korbin Olson, Milford. Honor group Holly Sellner, Cooper Evers, Kaden Olson.

Food preservation champ Korbin Olson.

Food review champs Grace Mages, Hunter Dauer.

Herb gardening res. champ Carsten Nienhaus.

Potatoes champ Cooper Evers.

Vegetable gardening box champ Mikayla Opatz, Burnstown/Brookville.

Vegetable plate res. champ Kierin Lafferty, Burnstown/Brookville.

Geology champ Audey Gag, Leavenworth. Home environment champ Alex Schroeder, Clare Fischer, Milford; res. champs Aubree Schmidt, Clare Fischer.

Flower gardening champs Olivia Hammer, Kallie Olson, Milford; Res. champ Jasmine Petermann, Stark.

Indoor gardening champs Petermann, Grace Mages, Liliyanna Uys, SE. Res. champs Allison Jensen, Petermann. Lawn, landscape champ Adam Mages.

Needle arts champs Holly Sellner, M. Lax, Megan Jensen. Res. champ Allison, Cindy Jensen.

Performing arts champ Alex Schroeder. Res. champ. Ari Krzmarzick, SE.

Photography champions Kate Schmidt, Milford; Grace Mages, Elize Lentz, Milford; reserve champions Ari Krzmarzick, SE; Martina Nienhaus, SE.

Quilting champion Korbin Olson.

Self-determined champions Millie Lax, Alex Schroeder; reserve champion Cindy Jensen.

Shop champions Zoe Evers, Lax, Clare Fischer. Reserve champions Joshua Wendinger, Milford; Addison Lang, Burnstown/Brookville, Brittney Lilleodden, Milford.

Wildlife/Biology champions Megan, Cindy Jensen.

Youth in action demonstration champions Max, Helen Fischer, Milford.

Breeding heifer-spring calf champion, reserve champion, beef showperson, Emma Hauger, Burnstown/Brookville. Reserve champs Mallory Drake, Paige Green.

Breeding cow-calf pair champion Brooke Jensen, Burnstown/Brookville.

Beef prospect calf-heifer, Logan Richert, Burnstown/Brookville; reserve champion Elsie Trebesch, Burnstown/Brookville.

Market steer champion Samantha Rickert Burnstown/Brookville; reserve champion Kate Schmidt, Milford.

Beef Jr. grade showmanship champion Elsie Trebesch; reserve champion Eathn Feucht, Burnstown/Brookville.

Intermediate showmanship champion Aubree Schmidt, Milford.

Sr. Beef Showperson Samantha Richert.

Brown Swiss Registered diary three-year-old cow champion, ADA Spirit Award, Sophia Portner, Leavenworth. Reserve champion Rachel Portner, Leavenworth.

Jr. Dairy Showmanship Champion Korbin Olson; reserve champion Dustin Portner, Leavenworth.

Intermediate Showmanship Reserve Top Production Alex Schroeder, Milford.

Sr. Showmanship, Top Production Grace Sellner.

Sr. Dairy Showmanship Best Udder Sophia Portner.

Jr. Showmanship Goat Champion Olivia Schieffert; reserve champion Levi Bailey.

Goat Intermediate Showmanship Champion Greta Bailey; reserve champion Morgan Mathiowetz.

Goat Sr. Showmanship Champion Samantha Richert, reserve champion Logan Richert.

Horse Showmanship at halter champion grades 9 + Chloe Groe Golden Rose Riders, reserve champion Jade Jensen.

Grades 6-8 champion Sydney Zarn, reserve champion Leah Kucera;

Jr. Horse Showmanship Champion Millie Lax.

Chickens egg production pen of two pullets, white egg layers champion Audrey Gag, Leavenworth Lucky Clovers; reserve champion Ashley Gag. Reserve champion chicken Nolan Gag.

Ducks Market pen of two males or females champion Breta Bailey, reserve champion Levi Bailey.

Bantam breeding pen of one male, two females, champion Brooke Jensen.

Pigeons utility 1 breeding pair reserve champion Tyler Ibberson.

Jr. Poultry Showmanship Champion Molly Jacobs Burnstown/Brookville; reserve champion Levi Bailey.

Sr. Poultry Showmanship Dalton Langseth.

Large breed rabbit Jr. Buck reserve champion 6 class Carsten Nienhaus, SE Wide Awakes.

Jr. Doe Champion 6 Class, overall reserve champion rabbit Winsen Nienahaus. Jr. Rabbit

Showmanship Levi Bailey; reserve champion Hayden Berle;

Champion intermediate rabbit showperson Cindy Jensen; reserve champion Greta Bailey.

Sr. Rabbit Showmanship Champion Allison Jensen; reserve champion Megan Jensen.

Small breed rabbit Sr. Buck Reserve Champion 4 Class Rabbit Levi Bailey. Sr. Doe Champion Jaxon Steffl Golden Rose Riders.

Market Lamb White Face Reserve Champion Kyla Wuertz, Comfrey Comets.

Junior Sheep Champion Showperson Alexandra Resch; reserve champion Elsie Trebesch.

Intermediate sheep champion Dominic Veerkamp, Independent.

Sr. Sheep Showperson Champion Mikayla Opatz, Burnstown/Brookville; reserve champion Haily Green.

Breeding Swine Commercial Jan. Breeding Gilt Champion Kate Schmidt; reserve champion Kiera Lafferty, Burnstown/Brookville.

Market Gilt Champion Kiera Lafferty; reserve champion Olivia Schieffert.

Purebred Market Barrow Champion Aubree Schmidt; reserve champion Olivia Schieffert.

Swine Pen of Three Reserve Champions Lafferty, Schieffert.

Jr. Swine Showmanship Champion Schieffert; reserve champion Gabriella Schenk, Burnstown/Brookville.

Intermediate Showmaship Champion Olivia Hammer; reserve champion Aubree Schmidt.

Sr. Swine Showmanship Champion Lafferty; reserve champion Green.


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