Off the Shelf: Flowery library updates

Our crown jewel’s the Wanda Gag sculpture garden is blooming. Thank you to the volunteers who helped plant and beautify the area and to those that continue to tend to it. Your work is budding. It’s wonderful to walk by swaying flowers as a breeze descends from Broadway. Currently the Wanda Gag Monument Committee is working on adding a plaque to identify Wanda Gag, the author.

Leasa Sieve, our Reference Librarian and I are working to get the Memory Lab up and running by late summer. We ran into a few kinks with one of the monitors for transferring VHS tapes and awaited a new tape deck. We anticipate getting the audio conversions component working shortly and then the VHS conversions. Thank you for bearing with us on this journey! The new scanner is up and running. It enables larger items to be scanned and is ready for use.

I grew up on the Detroit River boating and fishing with family and then rowing in high school. It’s good to be cautious while on the water and one of the cool things that I adore about the library is that we have life vests for checkout for that boat or canoe trip in your future this summer!

There is always a lot happening at the library. We are excited to kick off the Summer Reading Program on June 10. It will run from June 10-July 31 with “A Universe of Stories” theme. Check out the library’s social media for updates and grab a yellow brochure the next time you’re in the library. It’s never too early to continue reading! We invite you to join us at the library this summer.

The Traverse des Sioux Cooperative and Overdrive Committee made a big push to add new Overdrive content over the past six months. If you have yet to try an e-book or e-audiobook, you can set up an account by signing up with your library card number and password. Go to the Library Catalog page at http://tds-mt.iii.com and click on the second green tab on the top. Check to see if there’s anything you might fancy. It’s nice to have a lighter load of books for summer adventures off of one device! Instead, make room for a Vacation with an Alien from Outer Space in your luggage. The aliens will be available for check out when Summer Reading starts on June 10.

We look forward, as always, to seeing you in the library!