Off the Shelf: Automatic renewals

We’re trying something new here at the library and we think you’ll like it. You may have noticed that some of the items you have checked out from the New Ulm library have a different due date than you thought they had. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you! New Ulm Public Library is now automatically renewing certain items. But, as with any new program, there are some rules you should know:

1) Automatic renewal is only available for items that are eligible to be renewed, such as books, audiobooks, magazines and music CDs to name a few.

2) The following items will NOT be automatically renewed: DVDs, Wi-Fi hotspots, or things requested from other libraries. Items that have holds (things somebody else is waiting for), cannot be renewed. If you would like a renewal on something you have checked out from a different library, you will need to renew through your online account or call/visit the library.

3) Eligible items will be automatically renewed up to two times if needed. This can get tricky; don’t get lulled into a state of unending renewals. After two renewals, please return items to the library to avoid overdue fees.

The easiest way to manage your due dates is to look very carefully at the due date listed on your emailed courtesy notice. If it has been automatically renewed, it will have a new due date.

Remember, that you can always log in online (www.newulmlibrary.org, and choose Library Catalog) to view your account and request renewals. Click on “Log In” in the top right hand corner of the webpage. From there you are able to log in with your library card number and your pin number. If you have forgotten your pin number or need help setting up an online account, please call the library and we would be glad to help you. Once you’ve logged in, you will see “My Account” next to that Login box. As you look through your checkouts you can also see how many times an item has been renewed.

As with anything digital, technical changes keep coming, but we’ve been hearing good comments as more and more patrons are finding out that we are trying out automatic renewals. As always, stop in or give us a call (359-8331) with any questions.