CRUSH 80/20 brings a healthier alternative

and approaches 1-year anniversary in?June

Staff photo by Travis Rosenau Cathay Rosenau owns CRUSH 80/20 Nutrition in New Ulm, Minnesota on 202 N. Minnesota Street. The club gives those interested in a healthier way of living a chance to try something different. The club sells several different kinds of shakes, lattés, teas and other snacks.

NEW ULM — CRUSH 80/20 Nutrition is coming up on its one-year anniversary on June 14 and has seen positive growth while making an impact on the New Ulm community and beyond along the way.

CRUSH is an Herbalife nutrition club that allows people the opportunity for a healthier way of living. Although you don’t have to become a full-on member, Cathay Rosenau, the owner of CRUSH, said that there are added benefits to doing so and urged those looking for a healthier alternative to stop in and give it a try.

If interested in simply trying CRUSH out, the club has a wide array of shakes, teas, lattés and snacks on its menu that are sure to pique your interest without weighing you down.

Rosenau said that with the growing obesity-rate in the United States, several people are looking for ways to get healthier and looking at many health clubs as a result. But many don’t understand how much nutrition really plays into it.

“I want to be able to provide that nutrition for people that were working for that healthy, active lifestyle,” Rosenau said. “That’s where I got the 80/20 from. It’s 80 percent nutrition, 20 percent fitness. We promote a healthy, active lifestyle. It’s not just having shakes a day, it’s about eating healthy the other time.

Submitted photo above, Staff photo by Travis Rosenau below Above: CRUSH regulars enjoy a “donut shot,” which is a hunger control and fat reduction powder made into a tasty donut shot. Below: Brooklyn Stevensen created this door sign. Stevensen creates several other signs for CRUSH as well.

“It’s the healthy living, it’s getting some exercise. I would never tell people that they can never ever have a piece of pizza again if they enjoy that, but it’s all in moderation. And I think CRUSH here provides people that healthy alternative during the day or morning, whenever.”

Rosenau said that although she enjoyed Herbalife for several years, she never thought she would end up where she is today with CRUSH.

“I started Herbalife about four years ago,” she said. “I was just looking for something to make myself a little more healthy. I started it and I liked it — never had any thought of going into business with it — then I just kind of did a little bit with it part time. And a year ago in February I went to a club training and thought this was something I wanted to do.”

She also said that New Ulm used to have a club here, so the location was a perfect place to get started. Cathay and her husband Rob are from the New Ulm area, with Cathay growing up west of Hanska, and this was a great chance to make a change and get things going.

Rosenau said that she wants her club to be a fun, positive spot to hang out at while eating better and getting into better shape. She’s also flexible with how people want to try the product.

Staff photo by Travis Rosenau CRUSH’s large menu of product that you can choose from on display. CRUSH has members that contribute to the club in several different ways, and Raelin Wiethoff drew out this menu for CRUSH free hand.

“I can work with people that want to do the product at home, whether it’s just a nutritional plan for weight loss, muscle gain, then there’s other people that just like the product because it’s a good healthy meal,” Rosenau said. “And this is a good way for people to get that on the go or for a quick lunch.”

CRUSH also hosts several wellness workshops, which gives people more information on Herbalife, programs, business opportunities and also gives health and meal tips. The club also brings in other yoga and fitness clubs periodically.

Rosenau said that when it came to eating better and getting into better shape, she felt that getting started was the hardest part. She urged those unsure of how to begin to come in and find support at CRUSH because you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.

“People have tried various other kinds [protein shakes] and they’re just surprised at how good this tastes,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to come in and try it because it tastes great and makes you feel good.”

Staff photo by Travis Rosenau An accent wall inside at CRUSH 80/20. It was painted by Brooklyn Stevensen and Morgan Schabert.

Brooklyn Stevensen created this door sign. Stevensen creates several other signs for CRUSH as well.

Staff photo by Travis Rosenau The 3-Day Trial is a way to sample the shakes for three days, find out how you like it and if it fits into your lifestyle before you make a decision to upgrade to a full program. You will then receive one-on-one coaching when you upgrade.


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