In Appreciation

Thanks, Community Education

Pro Kinship for Kids Board of Directors and youth would like to take this time to thank Independent School District #88 Community Education for their grant to us to support our educational field trip. The mission of Pro Kinship for Kids is to improve lives by establishing quality relationships between individuals and caring volunteers for the purpose of promoting stability, support, friendship, and community. This is all for the goal of promoting and assisting the communities of Brown County in developing and providing opportunities that will give purpose and value to young people’s lives by establishing meaningful relationships with individuals in intentional interactions which are meaningful, supportive, and enjoyable. It is Pro Kinship’s pleasure to work with the youth of Brown County and it is only with the care of our community through grants like this from ISD #88 Community Education to non-profits in the area that allows us to provide some of these services to the community. Community education is allowed to allocate community access dollars to non-profits who are working with and educating people of all ages in our community.

We would like to thanks Community Education for the support of our group activities program for youth in Kindergarten to twelfth grade. These dollars were used to provide youth enrichment and leadership opportunities in our community by providing us the opportunity to take our youth an exciting educational outing this summer to Ney Nature Center. They built skills in communication, cooperation, trust, and problem solving through this experience.

Thank you ISD #88 Community Education for your support and grant dollars to Pro Kinship for Kids to continue to work with and provide the services needed by our area youth. We truly appreciate your grant to us!

Kari Beran, Executive Director

Pro Kinship for Kids


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