Off the Shelf: Great July releases

Get your hold lists ready; we’ve got some great new releases on order for July!

In Lauren Beukes’ “Afterland” most of the men are dead after a pandemic called “The Manfall.” The government is run by women and any remaining men are highly sought as reproductive resources or stand-ins for loved ones lost to the pandemic. Cole must find a way to safely raise her 12 year old son, Miles, and offer him some sense of home and normalcy before he is taken from her forever. She disguises Miles as a girl and the novel follows their trek cross-country to safety.

Joan has been searching for her husband, Victor, for a year, ever since they had a terrible argument. So she’s understandably shocked when she hears his voice coming from a large tent in a Walmart parking lot. The man she finds inside looks and sounds like her husband, but he claims to be Eugene Wolff, a reverend and evangelist. Something doesn’t seem right to Joan, though. He reminds her of something out of the legends of her Métis heritage, a dark and sinister enemy that must be destroyed. Cherie Dimaline’s “Empire of Wild” is a mysterious and gripping thriller.

Betty Robinson competed and won the gold in the 1928 Olympics in the first-ever women’s track and field delegation. She is celebrated throughout the United States until a plane crash nearly destroys her chances at competing in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. At the same time Louise Stokes, a young African-American girl, is risking all that she has to make it to the Olympics, and Helen Stephens dreams of escaping poor, rural farm life for her dream of competing at the Olympics. A patriarchal society and a world on the brink of war stand between these three women and their Olympic dreams. Elise Hooper’s “Fast Girls: A Novel of the 1936 Olympics” follows these women as they fight to have the chance to compete in the 1936 Olympics, also known as the Nazi Games.

Kate is thrilled to be spending her vacation at a villa in the south of France with her husband, three of her best friends, and their husbands. They’ve stayed close over the decades they’ve known one another and the chance to reminisce and drink wine by the Mediterranean sounds heavenly. However, soon after arriving Kate finds an incriminating text on her husband’s phone. He’s having an affair. With one of her best friends. But which one? Kate is trapped in paradise with no one she can trust in T. M. Logan’s “The Vacation.”

We have these books, along with many more, arriving in July. If you’d like to place a hold call 507-359-8331 or visit our online catalog at http://tds-mt.iii.com. We also have many of these and other titles available digitally through Overdrive at https://tds.overdrive.com/. Happy reading!


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