Off the Shelf: Upcoming June releases

Get your hold lists ready; we’ve got some great new releases on order for June!

Megha Majumdar’s highly anticipated “A Burning” follows Jivan, a young Muslim woman accused of a terrorist attack because of a comment she left on Facebook. Another woman may be able to provide Jivan with an alibi, but at a steep personal cost. This debut novel is garnering praise for exploring class and justice while keeping a thrilling pace.

Will and Jules are getting married on a boggy, rumored-to-be-haunted island off the coast of Ireland when one of the waiters staggers into the party and announces she’s found a body outside. We learn that each member of the wedding party might have a motive for murdering someone else, but the identities of the killer and victim aren’t revealed until the end. If you like your stories to end with each story line tied up in a neat little bow, then Lucy Foley’s “The Guest List” is for you! I thoroughly enjoyed this atmospheric and tense thriller.

Andrea Tang is living her dream as an accomplished lawyer in Singapore. Her family urges her to make time to find a husband and create future generations of the Tang clan. When she is presented with the choice between two men, Andrea has to decide if she wants the “good on paper” partner or the last man her family would ever approve of. “Last Tang Standing” by Lauren Ho is a charming and modern romance.

“Mexican Gothic” by Sylvia Moreno-Garcia is promoted as a treat for fans of “Jane Eyre” and “Rebecca.” Noemí travels to a fading mansion in the Mexican countryside after receiving a distress call from her cousin. Noemí is not sure what she might find, but rumors of violence and madness surround the mansion and her cousin’s English husband is alluring and menacing in turn. This moody novel, set in the 1950s, is sure to delight those who love classic gothic horror.

Brit Bennet, New York Times bestselling author of “The Mothers,” returns with “The Vanishing.” The Vignes sisters are twins but are living vastly different adult lives. One sister lives with her black daughter in a southern town she can’t escape while the other sister passes as white and has a white husband. Bennet’s novel explores how the past shapes the twins’ decisions and desires and influences their futures.

We have these books, along with many more, arriving in June. If you’d like to place a hold call 507-359-8331 or visit our online catalog at http://tds-mt.iii.com. We also have many of these and other titles available digitally through Overdrive at https://tds.overdrive.com/. Happy reading!


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