Off the Shelf: Summer reading update

In my last Off the Shelf article I briefly outlined our plans for a Summer Reading Program. This month I want to fill-in all the details. The theme for the program this summer is “Imagine Your Story”, and will run from June 8 to July 31. Our circulation goal for this summer is going to be 30,000 items checked out during this time. So starting on June 8, whatever is checked out of the physical and the digital library will count towards that goal. As I previously mentioned, we will track our progress towards this goal with a beanstalk, and as our circulation numbers climb so will Jack. When he reaches the golden eggs at the top of the beanstalk, we will have reached our goal. Prizes for reaching our goal will be voted on by the kids. So within all three age groups the kids will get to vote for one of two items they would like the library to purchase for their use after the program. For example the youngest group might vote between a set of magnetic blocks or a city-scape rug with a set of cars and truck to use here at the library. Kids in first through fifth grade would vote on two other items of interest for their age group, and middle school and high school age would have their own items to choose between.

Beginning June 8, and running weekly through June we will introduce a fun and new activity that you can do throughout the summer. Here is what’s coming up.

Monday, June 8 – the New Ulm Public Library Bingo sheet will be available for you to download and print from the Kids page on the New Ulm Public Library website. If you don’t have the ability to download or print from home, you may request one in your curbside pick-up or wait for the library to open for browsing to take one home.

Monday, June 15 – a story walk will be installed at Nehl’s park on the walking path for you to enjoy. I will let the story be a surprise for you.

Monday, June 22 – there will be a book review link on the Kids page of the library’s website.

Monday, June 29 – will be the launch of our City Scavenger Hunt. Look for eight famous storybook characters throughout the downtown business area. The Scavenger Hunt sheet will be available to download and print from the Kids page on our website or you may take one home from the library.

All of our programming will be online. On June 29 you will have access to a special concert put together just for the libraries here in Brown County by the Jolly Pops. It will be available on our Facebook page and on the NUCAT channel through August for you to enjoy. DNR naturalist, Scott Kudelka, has agreed to film his program Animal Tracks for us as soon as he is back in his office. We are hopeful that his presentation will be available in July.

Also included in our online programming will be Lego Challenges and story times. We might throw in a Playdoh challenge here and there, or we may just challenge you to unplug and get outside with a good book! Remember to check the Library’s Facebook page each week for more information.

Starting June 15 there will be Take-it, Make-it kits available in the Children’s room for you to pick up each week. We are starting off the summer with a crown craft. Each week there will be another craft or project available, one per child please.

In an effort to support our community, all of our prizes will be gift cards to area businesses. There are three ways to enter a drawing for one of the six gift cards that will be available. 1) Complete a winning bingo on the Bingo sheet. Fill out the requested information, and turn your sheet into the Children’s room. 2) Complete the online book review. 3) Complete the Scavenger Hunt and turn in your sheet at the Children’s desk.

As with every year of summer reading, you will receive a free book. Shelves of free books for children will be clearly marked and available at the checkout desk.

It is going to be a huge difference for us, and nothing that we are used to, but we can do this. Like I said last time, with patience, love, and kindness we can have a great summer together.


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