In Appreciation

Jim Hoffmann says “Thanks”

I want to say “Thank You” to all the residents of New Ulm and surrounding area for allowing my agency to provide insurance products and service to cope with life’s difficulties. I would like to think my agency in some small manner has tried to do its best. In the past years the agency has been called a 5-start agency with a Triple “A” staff.

A special thanks to Diana Stage, a secretary for almost 40 years, and Joleen Earl, who gave up five years of her retirement time to help the agency.

Then also to Lou Geistfeld, Nick and Denise who agreed to keep our Blue Cross business local.

It goes without saying that many other people, too numerous to mention, have given assistance to maintain the complexities of the insurance industry for over 60 years. There were times that I know I had help from a higher source to allow me to go on.

To say “Goodbye” to my agency and all the people involved is not an easy task, but the time is right.

Jim Hoffmann