In Appreciation

Thanks, Menagerie

The State Street Theater Co. extends its appreciation to Bob Wirtz and the Menagerie for once again gracing its stage with a concert that had folks humming and singing those old familiar tunes ever since. There was, indeed, “a meetin’ here tonight” as Bob and over 100 Menagerie members, representing high school stucdents from New Ulm over a 30-year timespan sang songs from their original repertoire. Feet were tapping, tears were running, laughter abounded, and just a general sense of good will and nostalgia permeated the theater and its 350 guests on Saturday, May 4. It was a pleasure working with Bob, Ted Wirtz, Sandy Reinke and Angie Schaumann in organizing this event so appropriately held at the State Street Theater where many of the past concerts had been held. It was such a fitting tribute to Bob Wirtz, founder of the Menagerie, and a real expression of respect for him in that, not only “his kids” came back to honor him, but their parents, grandparents, their families and friends of Menagerie were there too.

The Board of State Street Theater Co. also thanks Menagerie for allowing it to retain the after-expenses proceeds. As a result, almost $2,000 was made available to the theater’s sound system fund and another almost $2,000 to help in defraying costs of a new fire protection system. We want Menagerie members to know that they are more than welcome to come back for encore performances as often as they wish!