In Appreciation

Thanks to our “Grand” Celebration Participants

The State Street Theater Co. wants to thank those who made possible yet another first-time event at the theater: Celebrating the acquisition of its first grand piano by hosting a free piano concert for the community on Sunday, June 24th! Thank you to the diverse group of wonderful pianists, ranging in age from 10 to “grandmother” in age, providing a wonderful mix of music. The talented performers were: Bethel Balge, Sean Connelly, Donna Donahue, Lexi Forburgh, Jodi Johnson, Ryan Johnson, Ben Marti, Laura Stelljes, Beth Wiechmanm, and Ian Williams. And a special thank-you to Wayne Wagner, Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Organ Instructor at Martin Luther College who served as Host and Emcee “Extraordinaire.” The Board and volunteers of State Street Theater Co. appreciate your participation in making this, indeed, a “grand” event.


Cash Wise Brat Stand Good for Community I

Many non-profit organizations have benefited from proceeds earned at this mouth watering stop for brats, hot dogs and maybe some kraut. Several weeks ago Lafayette Legion Post 300 and on a recentt Friday and Saturday the New Um Farm City Hub Club hosted the stand. Earnings for the many groups volunteering at Brat Stand throughout the grilling season go to worthy causes. Thank You to all who stop by for a quick meal, refreshment and possibly good conversation and a few laughs.

Cash Wise keep up the good work

Denny Sjogren

Brat Stand Volunteer for Legion Post 300 and New Ulm Farm City Hub Club