In Appreciation

The Family of Shawn Olson

Thank you to the Courtland, Lafayette & New Ulm Fire Departments for coming to my rescue.

Special thanks to the Rescue Workers & First Responders, especially Dave Ubel, Scott Stein, Nick Klingler, Mark Voges, Dan Davis, Kevin HuIke, Brandon Matter & Brent Woller, for their excessive work ethic helping to dig me out in dangerous conditions.

I’m so grateful to my older brother, Mike, for his continuous efforts in my rescue. His care & support helped me during this difficult time.

Thanks to United Farmers Cooperative for donating the aluminum bin rescue tube barrier, which saved my life. Also thank you to Lafayette Ambulance paramedic team for making sure my vital signs were okay.

I appreciate all the prayers & support of my family & friends during this trying time. I’m grateful to still be here with my family and loved ones.

Thank you all, very much.

Dave, Lynn, Mike & Shawn