New Ulm friends of Miss Wanda Gag, a daughter of New Ulm,will be pleased to learn of her success as a student of art. Miss Gag comes by her talent in this accomplishment very naturally, inasmuch as her father,now deceased, was also an artist of well known repute. The Minneapolis Journal of Sunday carries an article concerning Miss Gag which is herewith reproduced:

“Wanda Gag, who for several years was a student at the Minneapolis School of Art, is showing a group of drawings and water colors thru the month of May at the New York library at Ninety-sixth Street and Lexington Avenue. Miss Gag came to Minneapolis from New Ulm to enter the School of Art where she quickly revealed a special talent for figure work and drawing. While here she earned a scholarship and went to New York for further study. The present exhibition includes water colors and drawings by William Groppers of New York.”

This young lady has relatives and many friends in New Ulm who are happy to hear of her progress in the line of work she has chosen as her profession and wishes for her continued success are heartily extended.

New Ulm Review,

April 16, 1924



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