Put kids first in education

To the editor:

Let’s put kids, First!!. It is time to add more days to the school calendar. The USA is losing the economic battle to India, China, So. Korea and Japan where 200 — even 210 — days of Engaged Learning Time on Task (ELTOT) is normal. That is why the upcoming primary election should get your attention.

We have an opportunity to support Tim Walz, the candidate who wants public education to go forward. Tim is a teacher, coach, and veteran who is endorsed by the teacher’s union, Education Minnesota. Tim has been a strong supporter of veteran’s issues; he wants our Minnesota schools to go forward. I, for one know the longer school year (and classes of less than 25) are imperative and Tim Walz will push the Legislature to consider the faults in our public schools.

Vote for Tim Walz for Governor on August 14.

Marty Duncan

St. Peter

Educator, Author, Navy ’61-’67