Resolutions could resurrect farming

To the editor:

The NFO meeting of 12-2-17 put forth resolutions which could resurrect ‘Farmer’ as a species in this country:

1. Enact anti-trust legislation to protect farmers in the marketplace;

2. Enforce anticorporation farm law to prevent corporations and cooperatives from entering agricultural production;

3. Oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (TPP); 4. Establish a 2-tier milk pricing system;

5. Enforce COOL;

6. Strengthen and expand MinnesotaCare, including perpetuation of the provider tax;

7. Support state and USDA programs to create complex rotation systems that would foster biodiversity and soil fertility;

8. Increase funding for the Conservation Stewardship Program;

9. Dramatically reduce the AU (animal unit) threshold for environmental review of food animal confinement systems.

Walter O. Jones

Lake Crystal