Court Proceedings

Sibley County

District Court

• David M. Hatle, 37, 105 Timberwolf Court, Mankato, was charged with felony theft by swindle Jan. 12. According to court documents, a 75-year-old Winthrop man agreed to hire Hatle to repair his roof and wrote him a check for $8,884.97 dated Oct. 12, 2017. Hatle cashed the check Oct. 13, 2018. To date, Hatle has not repaired the roof as agreed. The Winthrop man texted Hatle dozens of times from March 2018 to October 2018 asking when the roof would be repaired.

Each time, Hatle replied that he was next on the list and he would get to the project in two weeks. The last time the man heard from Hatle was Oct. 28, 2018. Hatle took no steps to reimburse the man. Law enforcement tried to contact Hatle several times over the past few weeks but calls were not returned. An arraignment (plea) hearing was set for 9:45 a.m., Feb. 7.