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Hints from Heloise

Dear Heloise: My teenage grandson came for a visit and was looking for a job for this coming summer. He thoughtfully made his bed each morning, helped clear the dishes off the table after dinner and loaded the dishwasher. He helped me fold laundry, scrubbed out the bathtub and did many more small but helpful gestures without being asked to do them. It was a joy to have him here.

It’s always a joy to have people come and visit us, but not when they leave a mess and expect to be waited on hand and foot. With summer on its way, there will be a lot of people visiting family and friends. Please remind your readers that people who visit are always welcomed back when they help out around the house. — Janet K., Milwaukee



Dear Heloise: My girlfriend and I want to do a road trip along Route 66 this summer. Our only disagreement has been what to pack. Space is limited, since my car is small. Do you have any hints for us? — Jason R., Kinston, North Carolina

Jason, first, if you have room in your trunk, you might want to pack a spare tire or a tire repair kit. Auto manufacturers no longer supply a spare tire. A small first aid kit, a flashlight and extra batteries in the glove compartment might also come in handy.

Don’t forget flares, and have an address book with the number of a roadside assistance company, preferably one that operates in every state. If you take any medications, have them in a bag that you carry or can get to in a hurry. Be sure you have your ID with you at all times, plus the name of your doctors, dentists, close friends and family.

If there is something you forgot, you can probably get it once you’re on the road. Good luck, and as we say here in Texas, “Adios, amigo!” — Heloise



Dear Heloise: I have a recipe for bread and a warning that the dough can get rather sticky. I love the flavor of the dough, so for me, it’s worth the trouble it takes to make it. First, I tried to coat my hands in flour. No luck there, but when I placed my hands in plastic bags to knead the dough, it worked out better. — Leigh S., Boise, Idaho

Leigh, that’s a good idea. I’ve tried flour, too, but it comes off quickly. I tried using butter on my hands, which worked a little better, but plastic bags seem to be the answer. — Heloise


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