Sarah Haines of ‘The View’

Q: Now that you’re back on “The View” as a recurring guest host while your program “Strahan & Sara & Keke” is on hiatus, how have you found it to return to your previous weekday base?

A: There’s no silver lining to what’s going on in these awful times, but “The View” has always been a dream come true for me. There are so many amazing people there, it’s really a cast that never leaves. From the crew to the people on the editorial side, it’s been great to get back with all my friends.

I’m so happy (at “Strahan & Sara & Keke”), it’s bigger than I ever could have imagined, but to have some time back at a place that feels like home and so comfortable has been great. Plus, they needed us … although while everyone else was (broadcasting from) home and I was only doing the part at the table (in the studio), I was like, “Why am I even here?” We don’t pretend that the world won’t go on without us, but technically, you’re figuring it out and doing things that have never been done before.

Q: Though you have your own weekday show now, does being back on “The View” during this period give you a hankering to be back there more regularly?

A: (Former “View” co-host) Meredith Vieira is an icon to me, and to have watched it and to have the honor to be at that table — sitting there even once — there’s a tingling in my skin when I’m even near that place. I do miss the show. I love being a part of such important conversations politically, and right now, people are looking for comfort and information and conversation.

I am so honored, once again, to be a part of it … but just as much a part of me is the sillier side. Where I’ve always sought comfort when I’m anxious or depressed or struggling is in laughter, and comedy is distraction. What a dream in one lifetime to have sat in these two places, because they play off really equal parts of who I am.


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