Shark attack victim says he punched shark in gills to escape

BOSTON (AP) — The man bitten by a shark off Cape Cod this month said he escaped by punching the powerful predator in the gills.

In his first interview since the Aug. 15 attack , William Lytton told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he’d been swimming a few yards from shore when the shark clamped down on his leg.

“I was terrified, but, really, there was no time to think,” he said, recounting the ordeal following a physical therapy session at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, where he’s been since Sunday.

The 61-year-old neurologist from Scarsdale, New York, said he gave the animal a strong smack in the gills with his left hand, a move that likely saved his life but also resulted in three torn tendons. He now sports an arm cast as well as bandages and a brace around most of his left leg.

Lytton said he must have recalled from nature documentaries that the gills were one of the most vulnerable parts of the shark.

Utah biodiesel execs linked to

polygamous group stay jailed

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Two Salt Lake City biodiesel executives linked to a polygamous group will stay in jail after prosecutors argued they could flee to Turkey if released ahead of trial in an alleged $511 million tax credit scheme.

The men have access private jets, millions of dollars stashed abroad and an unidentified federal law-enforcement contact who apparently tipped them off ahead of a raid, special assistant U.S. Attorney Leslie Goemaat said at a hearing on Wednesday.

“There are very real safety concerns for witnesses in this case,” she said.

Washakie Renewable Energy CFO Isaiah Kingston’s attorney said the prosecutor’s allegations are false hearsay.

“He does not have any access to private jet. He has been on one once that had nothing to do with this case,” said Scott Williams. “If anyone made an allegations against you based sorts of things they brought up, you would be appalled.”