Baseball makes a return to Johnson Park

NEW ULM — If you were one of the 250 fans who attended the New Ulm Brewers-Hanska Tomahawk East League game Thursday night at Johnson Park, you were just happy to have amateur baseball back.

Before we go any further, that number of 250 fans at Johnson Park will be the most that will be allowed right now to watch a baseball game there inside the park.

That means that if you want to watch a Brewers’ game (next home contest is Wednesday when the Brewers host Courtland at 7:30 p.m.), you may need to come to the park a little earlier than you would last year in order to be allowed in the park.

Approximately 75 fans were not allowed in the park Thursday but were able watch the game from outside the park.

That 250-fan limit will be strictly enforced by the New Ulm Baseball Association this season.

Fans that came to the game, won by Hanska by a 5-4 score, saw a great game that could have gone either way. They watched two teams that will be at the top of the Tomahawk East League play well.

Most fans were social distancing which is a habit that all fans need to get into, regardless if they like it or not. Right now it is the required norm.

Fans coming into the park needed to give their name and phone number upon entering the park to the gatekeepers and we all know the reason why so there is no explanation needed.

And fans got to see the “new” Johnson Park with the new concession stand, observation deck and patios along with the newly remodeled dugout areas.

I think that fans and players alike were very impressed by the facelift.

You need to come down and see it. New Ulm has the best two baseball parks back to back in Minnesota bar none. And Johnson Park may well be the benchmark for other fields in Minnesota.

And a big “thank you” to the concession stand workers Thursday in Curt Forbrook, Rick Traulich, Ron Reinhart, Linda and LeRoy Flor and LeAnna Fluegge along with the “gatekeepers” Mike French and Bob Skillings.

So fans need to get to the park early Wednesday night for one of the 250 seats allowed for the game.

And there is another great reason to come early Wednesday night and for all home games.

The grill will he hot approximately one hour before each game so you can grab a pre-game meal and also some cold local brew with a warm night expected.

So lets all enjoy each inning of every game and please social distance. Be courteous and respectful of that person next to you regardless of your feeling on social distancing. Be smart with what we do or don’t do at a safe distance watching baseball.


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