Learning in America

To the editor:

The judge in Trump’s trial in New York, named (Juan) Merchan, is not a judge. He is really a political activist. He was not elected, but rather appointed by other political activists. These activists were indoctrinated, by Marxist professors, in academic institutions, throughout the country. Two-hundred years ago most of these institutions were training places for Christian ministers. Then in the 1960s the courts took prayer and the Bible out of the classroom. How has that worked out? It is this reversal, in education, which has weakened our country, to the point of no return. How healing is would be for our nation if 15 year old boys and girls were offered a course called Proverbs 101 in high school. Speaking for myself,I never realized what a fool I was until I read the Proverbs back in 1982. God Bless the USA and President Trump, whose birthday is on Flag Day!

Marty Tracy



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