Unwarranted Change to MN’S State Flag

To the editor:

Let me see a show of hands of those in Minnesota that requested a Change in the Design of the Minnesota state flag? Thought so. Your state representatives have decided that our flag needed to be “redesigned” because somehow, someone may find it offensive.

Folks, if we would change or remove all perceived offensive matter …. you don’t have to embrace the existing design but we sure can learn from it. Our so-called lawmakers put together a community and decided what is best for Minnesota. Minnesota had zero say in this decision. The new design tells no story, no history if you compare the proposed new design to a certain foreign flag, it is very close to one of the countries represented in Minnesota’s office. This change in flag design is totally unwarranted and will, again, cost Minnesota time, money and history. Please contact me (tonyjeanj@gmail.com) for information on a March on March on MN’s St Capitol to discuss Lawmakers Overreach of power. We have contacted most if not all state representatives and some will back us, some choose not to.

We look forward to standing up for what is right. You can’t bury history but you sure can learn from it.

Tony Jurowski



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