Political responsibility

To the editor:

The price of greatness is responsibility, according to Winston Churchill.

Career politicians on every level of government need to take a long hike into retirement for “new, ethical, responsible blood” to hold office, doing their jobs to serve the citizens, not hold office to “line their pockets to become millionaires.” They all come into office with average peon incomes; but in no time, are super wealthy on the government’s dime!

Citizens are desperate to have officeholders who believe in and demonstrate integrity, common sense, saneness, efficiency and promptness in dealing with major issues. There is no place on any job for egos, arrogance and total negligence to perform their duties as they are “employees” of the taxpayers.

Too much criminal activity and corruption within the government has now led to total distrust of all the politicians. Why aren’t they prosecuted in like manner as Average Joe would be?

We have term limits for the President, thus we should have term limits for Congress. Sitting in Congress for 40 years or more is not serving this country’s citizens.

It is high-time that a major housecleaning of Congress conducted and rapidly before our freedoms and democracy are destroyed forever.

Karen L. Kettner

Sleepy Eye


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