Doesn’t anyone learn from or know history anymore?

To the editor:

Dec. 2, 1954

The US Senate passed, 67-22, a resolution condemning Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin, stating he had “Acted contrary to Senatorial ethics and tended to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute.”

If Senator McCarthy did not like someone he would call them a communist, instead of a RINO or a pedophile as Mr. Trump does. Back when America was Great, Mr. McCarthy’s fellow senators held higher standards and new this was wrong. They did something about it.

July 24,1974

The US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that President Nixon’s claims of executive privilege over the release of the Watergate Audio Tapes were void. Proving that when America was Great no person was above the law.

August 5,1974

The White House tapes were released which left little doubt President Nixon was involved in the cover up.

August 7,1974

After release of the White House tapes Senate Minority leader Hugh Scott, House Minority leader John Rodes and Senator Barry Goldwater visited President Nixon in the Oval Office and informed him they could no longer support him and urged him to resign.

When America was great our elected officials held each other to higher standards than they do now. Our politicians today have no shame they will do and say whatever will help them win an election. It saddens me that We the People except this behavior.

August 8,1974

President Nixon announced he would resign.

Look it up for yourself.

President Lincoln said “Malice towards none.”

Mr. Trumps says “Let them burn in Hell”

Which one was thinking what is best for our Country?

No political opponent made Mr. Trump associate with Mr. Epstein.

No political opponent made Mr. Trump sleep with a porn star and pay her to keep quiet,all while he was married.

No political opponent made Mr. Trump say his 10,000 sq.ft. apartment was 33,000 sq. ft. on his loan application. Mr. Trump is recorded and on video with his words and actions leaving little doubt he is corrupt.

Now Mr, trump has changed his stance on abortion again, saying we must all have an open mind on the topic.

“He who can not be trusted with very little, can not be trusted with much.”

History will record Mr. Trump is a corrupt man. Which side of history do you want to be on?

Please raise your standards.

Thank your standards

Lester Werner



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