Appreciation for new ‘May Use Full Lane’ bicycle signs

To the editor:

As community members who enjoy bicycling and work as volunteers to help make it easier and safer for everyone to bicycle or walk in our community, we wanted to pass along our appreciation to the City of New Ulm for the recent addition of the “May Use Full Lane” bicycle signs around town. The signs are a simple reminder to drivers and bicyclists to share the road and replace the “narrow” markings that the city began painting on the city streets in 2016 to help guide bicyclists on streets without bike lanes. The routes with signs are popular for people bicycling in our community, as they connect with the bike circle route, schools, our downtown and parks.

The signs were funded by a grant from the Brown, Nicollet, Le Sueur Waseca Counties Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP). Cost savings will also be realized into the future, as the signs require less frequent maintenance compared to the painted narrow markings. We look forward to the signs helping to improve safety and awareness for both bicyclists and motorists, helping everyone feel safer on the road. Thanks to the City Council and staff for the continued investment in making New Ulm a safe, bicycle and pedestrian-friendly community and their support for helping create an environment that supports healthier and more active lifestyles.

Robert Beck

Alice Johnson

Terri Baumgart

Scott Grim

Aldean Hendrickson

— Members of the New Ulm Bicycle Group


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