Sanity no longer exists in America

To the editor:

All three branches of our government are so corrupt and totally uncaring about our own people. We are just a number to provide the monies for the Feds to throw away to the dictators, then making ridiculous deals with them to endure our national security.

Congress chaos goes beyond a disgrace and in a few months another debate about the government shutdown mess. The dictators truly love this dysfunctional U.S. mess as it plays right into their hands for they to control even more than they already do.

China knows more about every aspect of the U.S. from the Feds, military and agencies down to farmland production. They know more about the U.S. than Americans do.

They know all of our weak points and will take advantage of them as they have for decades already. There is no strength, ethics, confidence in or responsible behavior in D.C. Are we returning to the wild West days? At the rate this land is going, that will be the only way to survive.

Karen L. Kettner

Sleepy Eye


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