A response to Republicans and abortion issue

To the editor:

This is a response to the editorial “Republicans can’t do anything about the abortion issue.”

The editorial begins, “Republicans don’t know how to “talk about abortion.” I beg to differ that republicans don’t know how to talk about abortion. We just talk about it differently than the left and for different reasons. They use the words abortion rights or reproductive rights. Why? Because for them the issue is “right” driven. What gives anyone the right to kill another person. We use the words prolife. Why? Because we believe it is a person from conception and no one has the right to kill another person.

The word Reproductive according to Britannica.com is the following: the process by which organisms make a copy of themselves and provide for their survival.” Therefore, abortion has nothing to do with reproductive rights because rather than providing for the baby’s survival, abortion kills it. The abortion industry uses the saying “My body, my choice.” That is so true before a woman is pregnant, but after, it is no longer one body but two. We feel the need to protect the most vulnerable, the baby, at that stage.

Can families protect the future of a 10th grader being impregnated by her boyfriend? No, not totally. As parents, we can help our children/teenagers respect themselves enough to know that having sex has consequences. If a teenager gets pregnant, which happens, it is important to let them know that you will support them in carrying the pregnancy to the end and that there is the option of adoption.

That article said “Republicans can’t be trusted”. It states that the radical leadership supports “rights in no way which match their electorate”. It is true, we would rather not end a pregnancy, but rather not get pregnant if carrying it to birth is not an option. Most constituents believe that abortion shouldn’t be birth control. Many women (17%) have up to 2-9 abortions according to the Minnesota department of health abortion statistics. Abortion is killing a baby, not preventing a woman from being impregnated. And talk about radicals — Based on the Minnesota new law, the left would consider an abortion up till birth and beyond. That is where the uprising needs to be. How can we as free Americans think it is OK to kill a baby at any time, but especially after it is born. Besides, the baby continues to be a human at l week or 23 weeks or 36 weeks.

The article stated that Americans are being treated to tragic stories because Republicans want to erode “essential medical care.” I would say that “abortion deserts “are occurring in some states, but not maternity/medical care. That is how the “uprising” in states occurs, because of the left’s presentation of misleading information. Again, the words “reproductive rights” which the left says the Republicans are taking away from women is inaccurate because Abortion or killing babies is not providing for a babies survival, therefore stop using that term. It is inaccurate.

There is no reasonable right to abortion. There is a right to not get pregnant though. I agree that rape is a terrible problem, but killing the innocent baby does not take away the pain of rape but adds to it for the woman. There is significant documentation about how women who have abortions suffer later in life.

The words the left use to describe abortion are very inaccurate but for those who want to take the easy way out, they work, and those words get votes. The way to feel okay about abortion and therefore get votes are to use these euphemisms (fetus, blob, reproductive rights, abortion rights, pregnancy termination) which makes the killing of babies acceptable. Accurate words include baby, right to life, maternal health, and killing of babies.

Republicans do know how to talk about abortion. We don’t believe in killing babies. We believe that a baby in the womb is extremely vulnerable, and we as free Americans need to stand for the baby’s rights. We are in no way embarrassed to admit we are pro-life.

Katie Dauer



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