Birth control pill — not the answer

To the editor:

Taking the birth control pill can cause hemorrhaging, sterility or other serious problems in some women. The sperm can live up to 5 days, therefore the pill is only effective 93-99% of the time. The pill is unnatural, and with pre-existing conditions, can cause cancer or other serious diagnoses.

What ever happened to teaching our children abstinence and responsibility, instead of the “feel good society” we live in today? God’s law commands, “Do Not Commit Adultery”. Period. Married couples can seek a “Natural Family Planning” program by consulting their church and a doctor. God’s reproductive rights, given to married men and women is a beautiful gift.

The birth control pill, in many cases, prevents the fertilized egg from attaching to it’s home, the uterus, and thus flushes it out of the mother’s body. It is just another form of murdering our babies.

It has been said the our country needs more people, therefore the immigrants should be welcomed into our country. If we would “not” have allowed “abortion” to murder 64 million of our babies (legal citizens) in the past 50 years, we would have 64 million more productive people in our USA today!

As we celebrate “Mother’s Day”, we acknowledge the disastrous leadership of Gov. Tim Walz, signing a bill to abort babies right up to their due date, and welcoming mothers from other states to come to Minnesota and do the same…is surely doing the work of the devil! So much for our “Minnesota Nice” policy.

With the sheer ignorance of President Biden, embodying more government control, by abolishing faith, family and freedom, our only defense is “prayer”.

The “woke” left is buddying up with Satan to dig the hole deeper every day:

• deflated our energy independence

• raising taxes

• higher living prices-inflation

• open borders

• increased crime with no prison time

• shutting down our churches

• killing our babies

• taking away rights to defend ourselves

• preventing parents’ knowledge of what’s being taught in school

• promoting gender change to our children and mutilating their bodies with no parental consent

• weakening foreign relations

• promoting a “new world order”, socialism

n light of these unfavorable conditions being imposed upon us, please pray earnestly, with love and joy in your hearts, for all Democrat and Republican leaders in our government to bring “peace” back into our world.

With God, All Things are Possible.

Jan Platz

New Ulm


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