Support mental health care

To the editor:

On March 20th, Ted Lasso and crew visited the White House with a purpose to highlight Mental Health. The fictional character once said, “I do love a locker room. It smells like potential.” No matter your political side, it can feel as though Washington has the stench of a locker room but there is in fact potential with mental health advocacy and support being one area we can work together towards something constructive. Jason Sudeikis [Ted Lasso] encouraged people to seek help. This first step is important; however, it is imperative for us to understand that mental health providers are currently significantly understaffed resulting in nearly 10,000 people remaining on waiting lists throughout Minnesota as previously reported by the Star Tribune (Feb 26, 2023). Current mental health providers are often underpaid, overworked, and with significant educational debt. This conversation is vital and one that should not be ignored. We should want people to ask for help, but more importantly we should ensure the help people are needing when asked for it is available before their mental health needs become a crisis.

Currently there are several bills that have been put forth not only in our United States Congress on varying Mental Health topics, but also here in Minnesota. If that seems too big, there are local organizations here in New Ulm that could also benefit from your support and advocacy. I implore readers to use their voice by reaching out to their congress men and women or local council members to advocate the need for more funding. Calls can be made to insist on the creation of additional legislation that will provide people with the Mental Health care support they are wanting and needing.

Erin Leach



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