Ousting Santos

To the editor:

How is it that recently-elected Congressman George Santos can totally lie on his resume regarding everything about his life from his family’s background, his education, his work history, everything, and yet be accepted as a lawmaker in D.C.? Every word he utters to reporters continues to be lies.

In the real world, lying on a resume was cause for immediate firing while some companies would also prosecute for fraud. Have these rules now been destroyed as well? Lying to the “government” is a serious legal matter with great penalties.

Utterly tragic that common sense, honest leadership, ethics, principles, morals are now all totally dead in the U.S. No outrage by anyone for the behavior of Santos is difficult to understand.

Santos is a “ripe” candidate to be used by U.S. enemies to do harm to this nation.

What deals did Santos strike with Kevin McCarthy for him to become Speaker of the House? How can McCarthy “stand by Santos” who is a pathological liar and pure evil. No way can he be trusted in any capacity to serve the taxpayers and the U.S. properly.

If such behavior by Santos is the new acceptable norm in D.C., especially Congress, God help us all.

Karen L. Kettner

Sleepy Eye


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