State Funding for Senior Care

To the editor:

Where is aid for our senior care facilities in the governor’s budget? We have a huge state surplus of dollars… can there be room for skilled nursery facilities to receive a financial boost to help with their ongoing staffing shortages,their inability to generate extra dollars as they are confined by the State Department of Health’s fee guidelines?

It was reported by Kelsey Carlson on Fox 9 News on Monday evening,January 23,2023 that the state nursing homes across the state had turned away over 11,000 people seeking placement last year. Appalling situation! Currently there is a waiting list of about 200 people for timely admission at Oak Hills Living Center here in our community. We are an aging population who need or will need access to the skiled nursing care Oak Hills offers. Empty beds due to staffing shortages will not improve this situation. And without adequate funding to increase wages,staffing shortages will continue.

Do you have loved ones reaching that stage of their life where they can no longer care for themselves? Are you someone approaching that time in your life due to health con-cerns? Do you have close family members who can take over your care? At what cost to them, financially, emotionally, and physically? Or will you or your loved one be sent many miles away or out of state to receive the skilled care they need?

Reach out to your legislators, the governor, the Department of Health and Human Ser-vices committee at the capitol. Let our voices be heard!

Sue Vogel

New Ulm


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