Use your blessings to protect your freedom

To the editor:

Jesus is the reason for the season called Christmas when Jesus was born, thus we celebrate His birth on 12-25 which is a sacred holiday for believers and followers of Christ!

It is disgusting and heartbreaking to observe anyone or groups displaying disdain and hatred towards Christians with continuous persecution and slaughter of them in many nations. Why is this acceptable? If any other group was so targeted, there would be major protests and outrage in the streets.

Yet, in the U.S., folks seem to care more about Black Friday and all their shopping deals, planning booze parties and lusting for stuff more than giving with love to help others in need.

The major virus overtaking the U.S. is lawlessness and greed to only worsen as more people ignore all of God’s blessings bestowed upon them and this nation, turning their backs on God who has blessed this nation more than any nation in history. Instead, U.S. citizens whine and snivel, wanting more and all for free from the government which is more than bankrupt and heading at high-speed toward tyranny with all our freedoms gone forever with the government totally controlling every aspect of our lives.

Use your blessings and freedoms to protect your freedoms or you will lose your freedoms forever.

Thank you, God, for Baby Jesus who we celebrate and praise from one generation to the next as He is our only hope for the future and for our children who are this nation’s greatest resource.

Karen L. Kettner

Sleepy Eye


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