Changes to the U.S. political system

To the editor:

The United States needs to limit terms for the Senate, Congress, and President to six years with a one term limit. No reelections. Serve your State or Nation and return to private citizenship after your service. Many countries in Europe and Asia also limit political campaigns to two months with some only allowing two weeks for candidates to make their pitch to voters such as in France. Can you image how refreshing that would be instead of months and months and months of non-stop negative advertising mostly by political action committees?

Representation should not be a “purchase my seat” in the House or Senate process which in many ways it now unfortunately has become. Much of this current mess can be directly traced to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision which allowed for no limits on these Political Action Committees spending during elections. Anyone else think that the opinion of the Court that money equals free speech was totally absurd? That alone is enough for me to personally believe that the Supreme Court should also have term limits of 12 years with a rotating system of Presidential appointments so no sitting President would ever get more than two appointments to the bench in any given term.

Being a Politician should be a public service like serving in the Armed Forces as I did and not a lifelong career.

David Nelson

Fredericksburg, VA

NUHS Class of ’79


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