Election Burn-out

To the editor:

Politicians, cut the American public a break, PLEASE!

Why must you windbags spend enormous amounts in the millions with nonstop campaigning for years on end?

We just got done voting one week ago with Mid-Terms and now the presidential race for 2024 begins. Who has the energy left to listen to Trump, Biden and all the many other candidates start their war now and for years?

We, the people, have more important matters in life to deal with daily like surviving the high cost of existing. We don’t need political garbage hounding us 24/7 as well.

Fortunes were spent and wasted by politicians with 24/7 ads on TV, in print and cluttering our mailboxes when that money could have been used in so many wonderful ways to help people in great need in this nation. Who got all these campaign monies? Seems only the media grew wealthy to be the winners while the rest of the nation lost big-time in so many ways!

Some countries campaign for only several months, have an election, and they’re done with the process for years. We in the States have now deemed campaigning as a new “form of entertainment,” daily and nonstop from one election to the next without a break for our brains to recharge and deal with real life!

The public should have the right to vote on election reform. We don’t need any legislature creating more misery in this area to fry our brains to exhaustion while they reap untold benefits!


Karen L. Kettner

Sleepy Eye


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