Backer is open-minded, success-driven leader

To the editor:

Kathleen Backer has an infectious smile and laughter, she is bright and has confidence. She is an experienced leader, business person, effective communicator and has worked with all levels of government from local to county and state.

In these busy, confusing and sometimes troubled times, it’s so great to have a good dose of sunshine and positivity to brighten our day. As the ambassador of New Ulm and Mayor, Kathleen will share that part of her gregarious personality with everyone she meets.

We have the good fortune of living in a city with so many positives and in a place of peace and safety. We have many of the “big city” benefits without the fear and concerns some citizens in the metro areas live with every day.

One thing we must do is to continue to improve and build on the good things which are happening in New Ulm. We believe having a strong and vibrant downtown business district, along with the larger businesses on the perimeter, combine for a robust retail and service community, each one helping the other. We must keep this momentum going.

We are convinced, that in order to be a growing community of successful businesses, it is vital to have the New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce, The New Ulm Retail Association and the City of New Ulm in lockstep on the present and future plans for our community.

We believe that strong, open-minded and success-driven leaders who have the foresight and courage to think in creative ways and be open to other’s ideas and concerns will be the catalyst to reach these goals.

We feel that having a leader who will be committed to insure all citizen’s voices are heard, bring leaders together and provide the insight and creativity to build on our success will be crucial. We believe New Ulm has the person who can accomplish these goals, That person is Kathleen Backer, candidate for mayor.

Please vote for Kathleen Backer for mayor on Nov. 8.

Jim and Konnie Jensen

New Ulm


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