Practicing safety during harvest benefits all

To the editor:

Soon the farm fields will be busy with activity. Harvest is

an exciting time of a farm family’s work each year.

This year we need to be aware of the ongoing road construction

projects in the area. The detours are well-marked,

but if you are like me, you may have found a shortcut on side

roads to save time and miles.

As a farmer living on a popular alternate route, I encourage

you to slow down and be aware of tractors and trucks hauling the

crop from the fields. Please travel at a slower speed — for your

safety and that of area farmers. Do not pass without a clear view

of oncoming traffic. Do not turn in front of moving farm equipment

and semi-trucks, as they cannot stop on a dime.

Think about farm safety before it’s too late. Farmers, check

lights and turn signals daily. Make sure the slow-moving vehicle

signs are properly attached and that you have a fire extinguisher

with you. Placing safety cones near field approaches help drivers

know there could be a truck or tractor leaving the field. Make

sure family members know which field you will be working

in. Rest is a necessity. Be sure to stay hydrated and pack some

energy snacks.Challenging weather and equipment breakdowns

cause stress. Taking time to prepare for safety is time well-spent.

A safe harvest benefits us all.

Tom Harmening



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