Environmentalism contributes to global warming

To the editor:

The Journal story on Aug. 19 “Clean energy funding” says: “The Inflation Reduction Act will provide rural areas with $9.7 billion in funding to boost development of rural renewable energy.”

What it should say is: “Taxpayers will shell out $9.7 billion to increase global warming.”

The July 22, 2022, issue of AAAS Science headlines: “Cleaner air is adding to global warming.” Satellite data is telling us that the reduction of sulfate and nitrate particles since 2000 is not reflecting as much sunlight back into space, thereby causing global warming.

Even “climate expert” James Hansen says we may need to use geo-engineering to start lofting sulfates back into the atmosphere to cool things down by increasing solar reflection. (Note: Allowing higher sulfur diesel fuel and dialing down coal-fired power plant scrubbers would probably have the same effect.)

How ironic that environmentalism contributes to global warming.

Phil Drietz



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