Use gift of free will for greater good

To the editor:

It was disheartening to read the letter to the editor on Aug. 5 entitled, “It’s my body — not the government’s.” To think that, in the 21st century, some women are so uneducated on sexual reproduction, is hard to fathom. When a woman consents to the marital privilege act of having sexual intercourse with a man, they have at that point “made their choice” and should take full responsibility! (The government had nothing to do with it!) In the situation of rape or incest, adoption is a viable option.

To educate further, when the male sperm fertilizes the female’s egg in the fallopian tube, a human life is conceived in the image and likeness of God and proceeds to be planted firmly in the woman’s womb. This is the baby’s home to be nourished by its mother for nine months until birth. What a joyous gift from God! Aren’t you fortunate that your mother loved you enough to have given you birth? Did you ever hold a baby in your arms? The baby is totally innocent and fully dependent on its mother and father. This baby is the most precious gift you will ever receive on this earth!

It is sad to realize that possibly the breakdown of the “family” in recent decades is responsible for the lawlessness we are experiencing in todays’ world. “No respect for life” has been evident in abortions; crushing baby’s skulls and pulling their bodies apart limb at a time, while keeping some of their organs alive to sell on the market! “No respect for life” is also evident in the random shootings around the country, taking innocent peoples’ lives, with little or no consequence by our “defund the police” government. At best it is catch and release!

We, as family, have apparently failed to instill the “love and fear” of God and the guidelines of God’s 10 Commandments, in our offspring. We have become a feel good society. If it feels good, do it! Even some churches have become more liberal in their teachings.

We are so fortunate that we finally have a Supreme Court that has recognized its misgivings of almost 50 years, that granted legalization for killing babies was totally wrong and unconstitutional! So now, the abortion issue has been handed over to each individual state. We have to stand strong together and “Vote for Life”! God has gifted all of us, a “free will,” let us use it for the greater good!

As we reach out to the younger generation with love, we accept the challenge that we have some explaining to do! May God help us!

Jan Platz

New Ulm


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