Leftist School Board needs to be swept clean

To the editor:

I started attending District 88 School Board meetings about a year ago. The big issue at that time was mask wearing. Issues changed over time. I have learned a lot about the School Board and its monthly meetings since then. Various committee reports are given, lots of routine stuff concerning employee hiring/resignations, financials, etc. Little if any discussion of agenda items occurs. Seldom does any board member object or question anything. I was there when the board approved an expense item to repair/replace a security camera for $41,000. It was obviously a typo, but no one objected. The real action occurs in the “study sessions” scheduled between monthly meetings. I learned monthly meetings are open to the public for observation, not for participation. The public can speak after the meeting, but you are asked to sign up before the meeting begins and are limited to two minutes. Board members may reply with the speaker, but generally do not. Study sessions are open to public observation, but no public comment. Rolling one’s eyes or body language is frowned upon.

It is obvious the current Board of Education leans heavily to the left. I have spoken several times in opposition to the critical race theory agenda embraced by the Minnesota Department of Education. CRT has become a dirty word, and almost every one in education now denies its existence. Instead, it has been replaced by more popular words, equity, inclusion, and diversity. The board went so far as to hire (spending your tax dollars) on the outside consulting firm Longview Education to bring the district up to speed in these areas. Although many voices oppose this direction by the board, I have been advised by school administration that the board will continue its learning and work around equity, inclusion, and diversity. Indeed, a new club named PRISM has been created to further the agenda.

Which brings me to the next election. The only way to bring District 88 back to more conservative views is by electing conservative board members. It is obvious this is the only way. Surely there are still some conservative people living in the New Ulm School District who care enough about your kids’ education to run for the board. The Aug. 6-7 issue of The Journal had a front-page article about filing for the election. Sadly, even if conservatives sweep the election, it will not be enough. It will take at least two election cylces to fix the problem, but a conservative sweep would be a nice start. Are you that person? Only you can prevent District 88 from following the CRT Agenda. Filing is now open and ends Aug. 16.

Paul Platz



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