Americans are lazy, borders are unprotected

To the editor:

U.S. population is either out of work or simply too lazy to work for $20 or $25 minimum wage.

Companies offer thousands of dollars to sign up workers, and still, healthy people prefer doing zero while collecting from the government.

Then, we have all the illegals pouring over the Southern border to bring in drugs and a lot of criminals. They expect to “cash in” on all the government programs our citizens enjoy.

Illegals have no rights here until they become official citizens having a photo ID card or driver’s license to prove who they are, especially at voting time. All Americans need to show proof of identity in many areas of our society. Why not at the voting site?

Biden is concerned about the Ukrainian border all of a sudden after three weeks of war they are enduring with constant Russian attacks? How about showing that same concern for our borders to “seal them up,” allowing only legal entry into the U.S. of both borders.

Security of a nation doesn’t exist when the borders can be overrun for even more lawlessness to enter and consume our nation. Wake up, America.

Karen L. Kettner

Sleepy Eye


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