Human rights not violated

To the editor:

At the May 23 meeting of the New Ulm Human Rights Commission, under the topic of “Human Rights Issues,” HRC board member Casey McMullen presented comments on a petition that had been presented to the ISD 88 School Board. The petition asked each member of the School Board to publicly declare agreement or disagreement with the following statement:

“Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity is not appropriate in kindergarten through at least grade 3, and therefore any such instruction should be eliminated from those classrooms as soon as possible.”

It is apparent that the HRC considers this petition not just a School Board issue, but also a human rights issue. This leads us to ask the question: Whose human rights are being violated or threatened through this petition? Does the HRC feel that someone has a “human right” to have sexual orientation and gender identity taught to kindergarteners?

The public understands very well what is meant by “classroom instruction…on sexual orientation or gender identity.” It has nothing to do with what pronouns we use, or what signs appear on the bathrooms, or whether moms and dads are mentioned in class. It is specific instruction. On the topics of sexual orientation and gender identity. In the classroom.

There is no “human right” that has been violated or threatened by this petition. The manner in which this petition was discussed at the HRC meeting suggests that there is.

The fact that some or all members of the HRC feel that human rights are being threatened in this case shows that the HRC has embraced an expansive view of human rights that is centered on advancing an “woke” socialist political agenda. The HRC opposes anything that questions or hinders that agenda, and it does it in the name of human rights.

Michael Thom

New Ulm


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