Addressing ‘inaccurate information’ charge

To the editor:

In a May 30 letter to the editor the chairman of the HRC stated that my letter of May 20 contained “significant inaccurate information.” Here is further information which will allow the public to make its own judgment as to the validity of the chairman’s assessment.

The YouTube video of the HRC’s March 28 meeting shows that pertinent information regarding the proposed GLSEN benefit concert was presented (50:28 on the video). The HRC was told who the performer would be and was informed that GLSEN would be benefiting. The HRC member bringing the information had looked up GLSEN, and therefore she was aware that the stated purpose of GLSEN is to “develop LGBTQ inclusive classroom resources.” The possibility of the HRC sponsoring the event was presented.

On the meeting agenda for April 25 was “11.3 — Community Concert for GLSEN.” The commission received a follow-up report that the event could not occur this school year but might happen in the fall (38:23 on the April video). The chairman responded: “Keep us apprised,” thereby indicating that the HRC would be open to a future concert. The HRC gave the impression that they were giving it serious consideration. None of the members of the commission brought forth objections.

I stated to the ISD 88 school board and wrote to the editor that “the HRC is planning to host a singer in the fall…” In hindsight it would have been more accurate to say that “the sponsoring of the concert to benefit GLSEN was being given serious consideration with no dissent from any member of the Human Rights Commission.”

Let readers come to their own conclusions. Was the HRC seriously considering hosting this singer? Should the information provided be considered “significant inaccurate information”?

My point in writing and speaking on this subject was to call attention to the fact that the HRC seriously entertained, and may still be entertaining, the thought of promoting GLSEN’s agenda. (It seems doubtful that they were unaware of the goals of GLSEN since it was clearly on the April 25 meeting agenda.)

This shows that there are those who are in favor of altering the direction of our school district. Introducing classroom materials such as those promoted by GLSEN would represent a significant change. This should not take place without input from parents and other taxpayers.

The significance and accuracy of the information provided regarding what is occurring in our community is for the reader to decide.

Mary Thom

New Ulm


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