Make informed votes when choosing who will serve on local school board

To the editor:

The Journal isn’t able to report everything that takes place in school board meetings. Here are some additional points from the April 28 meeting I presented to the board:

“The school board and we as parents and community members need to be proactive as we are made aware of current trends in our community being introduced regarding sex and gender education. Here is an example which shows that although many claim there is no sex education regarding gender choice per se in our schools right now, if it isn’t there already some desire that it be interwoven into our schools’ curriculums in the future.

“The Human Rights Commission is planning to host a singer in the fall whose funds will go to an organization called GLSEN (Gay-Lesbian-Straight-Education-Network). That organization’s stated purpose is to “develop LGBTQ inclusive classroom resources” for elementary through high school age children. Those resources would affect curriculum for math, science, reading and literacy, etc., including in the lower grades.

“This may align with the goals of some, but it is an example of a potential fundamental change where no parent or tax payer should be excluded from the decision making process.

“Teachers in the classroom, paraprofessionals who interact with children throughout the day, counselors, and any others to whom children are entrusted are to support not supplant parents. They and the curriculum being used should not countermand the wishes of parents.

“The petition that was brought forward asks the members of the school board to recognize this and to declare as individuals whether they are for the rights of all parents and tax payers in the matter of any education in kindergarten through at least third grade having to do with sexual orientation and gender identity.”

I would hope that providing information, expressing concerns, and asking that the school board take this opportunity to state where they stand is not interpreted as being uncivil. Parents and other taxpayers are taking advantage of the right to speak at board meetings and we may also communicate in private emails, but that will not allow the public to hear how each board member feels about these concerns. The petition makes a reasonable request that we hear from them individually. Then we will be able to make informed decisions at the polls when choosing who will serve on the board and have an impact on our community’s education system.

Mary Thom

New Ulm


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