The HRC’s belief system

To the editor:

On Feb. 4, I sent an open letter to the mayor and citizens of New Ulm regarding the Human Rights Commission. The HRC has publicly discussed and commented on my letter. I would encourage the people of New Ulm to read the letter for themselves and come to their own conclusions. It can be found online as an agenda item on the HRC meeting agenda of March 28.

The HRC’s response is exactly what one would expect from a body that is united by a common belief system. And make no mistake about it – that is what their views on human rights are: the application of a belief system. The current members of the HRC have adopted the cultish “woke” beliefs that have infected colleges, universities, churches, and other institutions throughout our country. This belief system has taught them to view society through the lens of power dynamics. It has taught them to see oppression and systemic injustice everywhere. It encourages them to seek out injustice in even the smallest of our words or actions, and then to magnify those “offenses,” attack and cancel them with an inquisitor’s zeal. The words and actions of the HRC make it clear that they consider it their mission to spread these beliefs in New Ulm.

The HRC will soon be starting a series of presentations intended to indoctrinate the public into their belief system. They will be packaging it as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion sessions. The public should be warned that the meanings they will assign to those words are not the meanings we normally associate with them. For example, when they talk about “Diversity,” they are not talking about a diversity of viewpoints. Their “Diversity” includes only various individuals who share their own viewpoint, as is demonstrated by the complete lack of viewpoint diversity on the HRC itself.

The membership of the HRC, unlike any other city commission, is not representative of the diversity of viewpoints held by the people of New Ulm. This should not be allowed to continue. The people of New Ulm should demand that the mayor and city council review the HRC’s charter and membership criteria so that all viewpoints are represented there.

Michael Thom

New Ulm


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