A positive spin

To the editor:

A recent letter from John and Mary Kluge listed several areas that they think will be of concern to school children moving forward. The Kluge’s list of concerns could actually be looked at from the opposite (positive) point of view. Their first area of concern was “climate change” which, in recent memory, was also known as “global warming.” History also shows the “coming ice age” was a major concern in our not too distant past. As a farmer, the last year was a wide range of too cold, too hot, too wet, and too dry. Yet we produced the best crop in my 40-year farming career.

The next area of concern was people’s ability to accumulate large amounts of wealth. I would say that’s a wonderful problem, as opposed to a country with widespread and hopeless poverty. Their third area of concern was “a major political party” now being controlled by the super wealthy. At first I thought they were referring to the Democratic Party, but then they indicated this party had Christian values. I wondered how this could be true, since the Democratic Party embraces abortion, right up until the time of delivery of the baby?

They are also concerned about our “imperfect democracy.” Well they might be right there, since what we actually have is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. While our government IS far from perfect, it’s been the envy of the world for almost 250 years and counting. They don’t agree with spending $870 billion on our military budget, yet are able to voice their complaints without fear of retribution. Our military protects us from those who would prefer to overtake our country and run things their “one world order” way.

Things are not nearly as dire as the Kluge’s might think. Do we struggle with technology changes, environmental challenges, tax and spend choices, housing shortages, etc.? Of course. We always have, and hopefully we always will, providing we refuse to yield to the Socialistic Democrats who would prefer to run things their way.

Paul Platz



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