Other concerns for school children

To the editor:

Several recent letters to the editor have expressed concern regarding the well being of young people in the public schools. We think they need to expand their concerns to other things that are and will be impacting young people going forward.

The number one issue is climate change and how that is affecting them currently and in the future.

Another area of concern is the large accumulation of wealth by a few compared to everyone else and their increased political and economic power and ability to shelter their wealth and income in tax havens.

A third issue is a major political party is now controlled by the super wealthy and corporations and their fundamentalist Christian nationalist allies.

A fourth major issue is an imperfect democracy where dark money is used to control the political process.

The computerization and robotization of workplaces are and will be an ongoing concern for current and future generations of young people.

Environmental degradation and exploitation are and will be of concern to all.

Inadequate school facilities and programs are a concern to many parents and children where state or local school districts will not or cannot raise the needed funds to correct the problems.

A final area of concern is a bloated military budget of $870 billion while large segments of society experience inadequate housing, unsafe drinking water, crumbling school buildings, and unaffordable or unavailable child care.

John and Mary Kluge

New Ulm


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