Thank you Rep. Fischbach for voting no

To the editor:

The past couple months, Democrats have rammed through their liberal spending projects with the Infrastructure and Reconciliation bills.

Thank you Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach for voting no on both of those bills.

In the “infrastructure” bill, only 9% goes towards true infrastructure, like fixing roads and bridges. The rest of the bill establishes a pilot program to charge a mileage tax on every mile driven, includes sexual identity and sexual orientation language in strange places, like broadband policy, and subsidizes electric vehicles, which generally only helps upper income people.

Joe Biden’s Build Back Broke bill would grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and raise taxes on natural gas and propane, which only raises the cost of everything else. It also does not include the Hyde Amendment, allowing taxpayer dollars to be used for abortion on demand. The defense of life is an issue that crosses party lines in western Minnesota.

Neither of these bills are paid for, and only contribute to our national debt.

Thank you Congresswoman Fischbach for standing up for rural Minnesota!

Anita Runck



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